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Figma - Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Iona Action Figure
263 figma Iona "Full speed ahead... as a figma!" From the anime film 'Arpeggio of Blue St..
Figma - Attack on Titan - # 213 Levi Action Figure
213 figma Levi "I promise you, I will drive the Titans to extinction!" From the anime 'At..
Figma - Attack on Titan - #203 Mikasa Ackerman Action Figure
203 figma Mikasa Ackerman "Yes... this world, is cruel." From the anime series 'Attack ..
Figma - Attack on Titan - EX020 Levi (Cleaning Version) Action Figure
EX-020 figma Levi: Cleaning ver. "This is a serious problem... we need to get started immedi..
Figma - Berserk Golden Age Arc - #210 Casca Action Figure
210 figma Casca The brave Unit Commander of the Band of the Hawk. From the series of anim..
Figma - CardCaptor Sakura - #244 Sakura Kinomoto Action Figure
244 figma Sakura Kinomoto "Reveal your true nature to me, by my power I command you! Relea..
Figma - CardCaptor Sakura - #244 Sakura Kinomoto School Uniform Ver. Action Figure
265 figma Sakura Kinomoto: School Uniform ver. "My name is Sakura Kinomoto. I'm in fourth gr..
Figma - CardCaptor Sakura - #280 Tomoyo Daidouji School Uniform Ver. Action Figure
280 figma Tomoyo Daidouji "Oh my! How wonderful!" From the masterpiece shoujo manga s..
Figma - Fate Stay/Night Unlimited Blade Works - #257 Tohsaka Rin 2.0 Action Figure
257 figma Rin Tohsaka 2.0 The attractive, accomplished and intelligent warden of Fuyuki city..
Figma - Fate Stay/Night Unlimited Blade Works - #278 Shirou Emiya 2.0 Action Figure
278 figma Shirou Emiya 2.0 The apprentice magus who admires those who protect justice. From..
Figma - Fire emblem Awakening - #210 Lucina Action Figure
245 figma Lucina "I challenge my fate!” From the popular Nintendo 3DS game 'Fire Emblem..
Figma - Ghost in the Shell - #237 Motoko Kusanagi: S.A.C. Ver. Action Figure
"Just a whisper. I hear it in my ghost." From the anime series 'GHOST IN THE SHELL STAND ALONE CO..
Figma - Girls Und Panzer - #211 Miho Nishizumi Figure
211 figma Miho Nishizumi "I've finally found it! My way of the tank!" From the anime seri..
Figma - Girls Und Panzer - #236 Hana Isuzu Action Figure
236 figma Hana Isuzu Concentrate as if arranging flowers… From the anime series 'Girls und ..
Figma - Girls Und Panzer - #247 Mako Reizei Figure
247 figma Mako Reizei "It's morning… but it's impossible to wake up at 6AM!" From the ani..
Figma - IdolMaster Cinderella Girls - # 252 Rin Shibuya (Cinderella Project Ver.) Action Figure
252 figma Rin Shibuya: CINDERELLA PROJECT ver. "I'm Rin Shibuya, 15 years old. I look forward ..
Figma - IdolMaster Cinderella Girls - # 286 Rika Jougasaki 346 production Ver. Action Figure
286 figma Mika Jougasaki: 346 Production ver. "I'm in a different section, but I'm sure I'..
Figma - IdolMaster Cinderella Girls - # 287 Rika Jougasaki (Cinderella Project Ver.) Action Figure
287 figma Rika Jougasaki: Cinderella Project ver. "I'm Rika Jougasaki! I'm sure we'll get alon..
Figma - IdolMaster Cinderella Girls - #269 Mio Honda (Cinderella Project Ver.) Action Figure
269 figma Mio Honda: CINDERELLA PROJECT ver. "I'm the new idol, Mio Honda! I'll be working wit..
Figma - Kantai Collection (KanColle) - #258 Yukikaze Action Figure
258 figma Yukikaze "figma Yukikaze, ready to sortie when needed!" From the popular brow..
Figma - Kantai Collection (KanColle) - #262 Kitakami Action Figure
262 figma Kitakami "Let's blast 'em to pieces!" From the popular browser game 'Kantai Col..
Figma - Kantai Collection (KanColle) - #267 Ooi Action Figure
267 figma Ooi "I haven't had enough yet! I need to fire more torpedoes!!" From the po..
Figma - Kantai Collection (KanColle) - #281 Fubuki Animatio Ver. Action Figure
281 figma Fubuki: Animation ver. "Nice to meet you, my name is Fubuki! I hope we can work well..
Figma - Kill La Kill - #249 Satsuki Kiryuin Action Figure
249 figma Satsuki Kiryuin Life Fiber Override! Kamui Junketsu! From the popular anime serie..
Figma - Love Live! - #253 Honoka Kosaka Action Figure
253 figma Honoka Kosaka "I believe... so let's START!!" From the anime series 'LoveLive!'..
Figma - Love Live! - #259 Eli Ayase Action Figure
259 figma Eli Ayase The cute and smart Elichika, joining the figma series! From the anime..
Figma - Love Live! - #260 Kotori Minami Action Figure
260 figma Kotori Minami Ready to have snacks in figma form as well! From the anime series..
Figma - Love Live! - #268 Umi Sonoda Action Figure
268 figma Umi Sonoda "I-I'm going to be a figma?! That sounds embarrassing!" From the anime..
Figma - Love Live! - #279 Maki Nishikino Action Figure
279 figma Maki Nishikino "A figma? What nonsense is that." From the anime series 'LoveL..
Figma - Metal Gear Solid 2 - #243 Solid Snake Action Figure
243 figma Solid Snake: MGS2 ver. "Kept you waiting, huh? I'm at the sneak-point." From th..
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